FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers


1. Will EciPeci headphones fit a child younger than 6 months?

When it comes to adjusting the headband, the headphones will fit both newborns and older children. EciPeci does not recommend putting any headphones on children up to 6 months old. This is due to the fact that the baby's head is soft and vulnerable at that time.

However, we have customers who have decided to use headphones for younger children (even few weeks old)  because, for example, they had no one to babysit during a wedding. The decision is always up to the parents.

If you decide to put headphones on babies under 6 months of age, please carefully adjust the band (compression force) and (if possible) provide regular breaks from wear.

Please remember that parents and carers know their child best. We are not able to determine the time of safe use of our bands for little ones. In any case, the toddler needs to be under careful observation. Please respect their feelings; should they feel uncomfortable, stop using the headphones and leave the noisy environment.


2. Will my order be sent same day?

All orders placed until 10 00 will be sent same day.

3. Which band designes are available and what is the shipping time?

All products which can be added to the Cart are available. All orders are being sent everyday between Monday and Tuesday. The shipment takes place on the same day in accordance with the above scheme, for all orders placed until 10.00.