We are a family company operating since 2013. From the beginning, the company's activity has been focused on innovative solutions that help in everyday life. 

We believe that infants and children should be especially protected in a world full of stimuli that can affect their hearing. These days might negativly influence  our kids and limit time with family and doing things together. We present you with a revolutionary solution: EciPeci soundproof headphones

To meet the expectations of our customers, in 2019 we have created another product: EciPeci audio headphones for children and babies. These headphones are created in Poland from the highest quality materials and are protected by PATENT. They are ideal for all manner of hearing therapies, especially during therapies for the youngest children and children with hypersensitivity.

Knitted fabrics of the highest quality and delicate Velcro will make the tots love our product - check the Testimonial in the bottom of the main page  and visit our Facebook to learn more: https://facebook.com/ecipecipl 
Available for purchase now!

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